Windows 7 cannot find Windows XP SP3 system

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My Windows 7 host machine is unable to locate a client system with Windows XP SP3 installed. I am receiving Error 541 which states that a remote computer is found but not the client.

But the client is running properly. Server is able to locate other clients without any problem. Hence I tried reinstalling the client software (version 7.7.114). But this doesn’t solve the issue. The log in the client machine is shown as connection failure along with Error 10013. I am having this issue only from the last few days. The error log is:

iplud: bounad to address:

ipludAddMembership: adding membership for

ipnsBroadcast: connect() failed with error 10013

ConnStartListen: starting thread ConnStartListen for

ConnListener: listen() failed with error 10013 on

netEnumInterfaces: deleting interface 2, ip 192.168.11

netCheckNewInterfaces: found new address

This sequence is repeated. Hence I have cancel al the changes that I have made on the computer from the last few days. Removed the printer configured and restores windows t the earlier configuration. But the error repeats.

Netstat displays TCP/IP listen and from the retrospect client. Though Netstat lists TCP connections in the TIME_WAIT state retrospect client UI reports that it is ready.

Local address:<local port number>

Foreign address:

I used msconfig command to disable all programs other than retrospect client during the start up to avoid interference. I uninstalled all the windows update that were automatically downloaded, made changes in modified files and run a virus scan. Nothing helped me to resolve the issue. What shall I do now?

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Windows 7 cannot find Windows XP SP3 system


Here are the steps you can do to view XP system from windows 7.

1. Go to Windows Explorer click Tools menu click Folder Options click View, then (Scroll list down till you see) use simple file sharing. Uncheck it and close the dialog.

2. In Windows. Right Click the Computer Icon (maybe on desktop or will be on Start Menu) and select Manage.

3. Open Computer Management click System Tools click Shared Folders click Shares and open the folder to list the shares.

4. Find the share in question, highlight it and right click and select Properties –> Shared Permissions.

5. In the Share Permission it should have the group Everyone listed. If it is not there add it and check all three permissions: Full Control, Change and Read.

As you done all this, go back to windows 7 and browse the share HTH.

This procedure will solve your problem.


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