Computer running slow due to wmpnetwk.exe error

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Recently I  found some message in my computer stating, "Windows media networks sharing service (wmpnetwk.exe) occupying huge memory and CPU Process cycle time".

I found all of this through Windows Resource Monitor and I tried to search it in Google but I found nothing. It’s a Windows 7 Operating system.

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Computer running slow due to wmpnetwk.exe error


Hello Steve Paul. I'm here to help you out.

Let me explain the origin of this problem, for you to better understand the root cause and then let me also provide some troubleshooting steps to fix this problem.  So lets fix this problem together.

To say about (wmpnetwk), it’s a service that makes the Windows Media Player libraries available on the home network. It consumes around 10 MB memory space of your computer RAM, also some users may face serious problems since they occupy some more space.

To disable this service just click on Start and then on the Search Programs and Files then, type in as  (Services.msc). You may find a window that opened; In that Search for Windows Media Player networks and double click on it.  It’s very easy because the contents are arranged in an alphabetical order. When you double click on it, you may see a window open, named as Windows Media Player network sharing. Just below the window make sure that the Startup type is made “Manual”.

Doing so will not allow this service to start at the time of system booting. You see most of the system services tend to occupy lot of system Proceed Cycle time and it makes the computer to work so slow at times.  This never occurs for a normal user with limited applications on it, but for someone who is really keen in exploring the software world, through installing a bunch of software’s and providing the full rights unknowingly during the time of installation.

So make sure that whenever you're installing the software or anything, provide some limited rights to it, like updating or starting up manual. I hope this may address your query today.

See you again take care.

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Computer running slow due to wmpnetwk.exe error


Thanks  Chris Denver for your great solution  which has solved the problem.

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Computer running slow due to wmpnetwk.exe error


Your computer could be speeded up by following methods.

1. Cleaning system junk
If the window system has been used but has not been scanned in a long time, it might contain tons of clutter, excessive registry files, browsing traces and cookies.  Therefore, you should clean and optimize registry and disk usage by removing the above redundant content.
2.  Optimizing computer services
Generally a computer program may be optimized which is a modifying process so that it could be capable of operating with less memory storage and resources therefore executes more rapidly.
3. Optimizing internet
Some programs could be downloaded and run to provide an intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing the Internet connection. 
4. Repairing registry
Windows Registry is a database and the activities are then recorded, e.g. User profiles, programs installation/uninstallation, system configuration settings, hardware/software operations, document creation and the PC ports activation etc.  Due to daily operations, it gets accumulated, cluttered and even fragmented so that system is clogged gradually.  So you could use some tools to scan windows registry, clean up registry junks, and repair registry errors. 
5. Defragging registry
During normal Windows operation, registry data is constantly being written to and removed. Over time this data becomes scattered and when information is deleted, holes are left that fragment the data within the registry. You can use tools to optimize the registry and remove gaps and wasted space, therefore improves the whole system performance.
Do these above things with tools, then the performance of your system could be greatly improved.

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