Windows 7 boot error: after installing dual OS Ubuntu

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To set Ubuntu on in my PC recently, I have installed a second HDD.

After installing I boot it back into Windows 7 and found an error. The error message is:

error: no such device: xxxxxxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.
Grub rescue>

Then I tried to boot back in Ubuntu once more and in the menu selection I found a Windows 7 boot thing. I selected it, and it booted rightly.

I need to know some information about this error.

1. Why was the error occurring??
2. Can I solve it?

Please help.

Thanks a lot.

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Windows 7 boot error: after installing dual OS Ubuntu


It’s not enough to just install the second hard drive and then boot immediately to Windows afterwards without first checking if BIOS was successful in auto detecting it.

Newer boards have newer BIOSs that includes auto detect option for hard disks.

This is very helpful when installing or adding new hard drives on your computer.

But there are other BIOSes, those older versions, that doesn’t include this option.

Hard drive detection is done manually by going to the BIOS setup.


Maybe that’s why Ubuntu gave you an error because the newly installed hard disk was not properly initialized. Check the BIOS if the hard drive was already detected.

Restart your computer then press DEL or F2 during startup. Select IDE HDD AUTO DETECTION and then follow the succeeding onscreen message. You will see on the screen if the detection is successful or not. Press F10 when done.

If the hard drive wasn’t detected in the BIOS, turn off the CPU then check again the connection you’ve made. Check the ribbon cable and the power supply cable of the hard disk if they are securely connected.

After checking the cables, repeat the procedure.

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Windows 7 boot error: after installing dual OS Ubuntu


Yes it can be fixed.

I think the reason why you got this issue is because after you installed Ubuntu, the bootloader was changed with Grub loader.

Just insert your Windows 7 disk and repair your computer or press F8 while booting to repair it.

It will overwrite the Ubuntu bootloader.

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