A WiFi Network is following me everywhere I go!

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I do not know how or why this is happening, but I have a WiFi network stalking me everywhere I go. I have checked my phone and those around me but I cannot determine the source of the WiFi. There are no hotspots around and I understand there can be no hotspot with a similar name in my home, workplace, car and even my grandma’s house. My phone is Huawei Ascend. Please help

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A WiFi Network is following me everywhere I go!



If you’re sure that the Wi-Fi network isn’t around you, which means it’s the problem of your phone. You should try a restart or reset of your phone.

First of all, press and hold the “Power” button and restart your phone.

If your ghostly Wi-Fi is saved to be remembered, this will be present on the list everywhere you go. Just tap it and select “Forget”.

If no solution, then give a reset to your phone. It’s very useful when some problem seems to be horrible. Before resetting, back up all your data as your phone will be erased. Then,

1. From “Apps”, go to Settings >> Backup and reset.

2. Under “PERSOANL DATA”, select “Factory data reset”.

Now, hope this problem won’t be present.

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