WiFi connection LG G3 Handset

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My LG G3 handset is behaving in a weird way when I try connecting it to the internet. Most of the time, it does not accept the connection and of the few times that it connects, the connection drops inexplicably and refuses to comeback. Anybody who has ever solved a similar problem before?

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WiFi connection LG G3 Handset

This issue may be not with the handset. This may be in your WI-FI router or WI-FI access point. To verify that your WI-FI network is working perfectly if you have another WI-FI device try to connect that with the wireless network. If it connects properly then there is issue with your LG G3 handset. If the other device also gives the same issue then there is issue with the WI-FI router or the access point you are using. Troubleshoot on those devices then.
To troubleshoot your LG G3 handset and the router follow the below instruction:
1. Turn off the WI-FI router or access point and turn it on again. After sometime verify if you can connect the handset.
2. Switch off the LG G3 handset, take out the battery and then insert the battery and switch it on. 
3. In the handset go to the setting and then go to WI-FI. When you SSID of the wireless network is visible tap on it and select to forget network. Then again tap on it and enter your password to start using the wireless network.
4. Turn off the Bluetooth if it is already on your handset.
5. If you have the option to connect with other frequency band then select the other frequency and verify if the problem still persist.
If still your issue is not resolved, then there may be issues with the handset wireless adapter. Contact LG service center, then to repair or replace it.

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