Why Sometimes Mozilla Firefox 4 Stops Working?

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I'm having a strange problem with Mozilla Firefox. It sometimes stops working.

It is actually not crashed because no crash reports or error message  pops-up.

Even in the Task Manager, its Status is "Running". 

When it is stuck, it looks like the image below.

But it simply stops working. When I click on its icon, it won't open.

Why does this happen?

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Why Sometimes Mozilla Firefox 4 Stops Working?


The only problem with Firefox is it sucks up most of your memory. That's why it is most likely to freeze or stop working because it is already consuming your system's resources.

This happens usually when you are or you have many tabs opened and staying a long time browsing. I'm also using this version and we share the same problem.

I'm just stuck with this version because of some plug-ins/add-ons that are stable using this version of  Firefox.  When this happens, I usually close the browser and re open it and just restore to my previous sessions.

This problem might be solved if you are going to upgrade to its new version which is 6.0.  Maybe they have solved these glitches  on their previous versions.

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Why Sometimes Mozilla Firefox 4 Stops Working?


Mozilla Firefox is a good internet browser. Its new version Firefox 4 is creating some problems like stop working without showing any error. The best way to solve it is by replacing it with new version Firefox 4.07 beta. It’s a good one.

Other way to solve this is by uninstalling Firefox and then run a cleaner like cc cleaner, Reginout cleaner, etc. and restart your computer. Then install Firefox 3.06. Then, it will never create that kind of problems.

There is another reason. May be your computer is corrupted by virus. So you need to use updated antivirus and full scan  your computer.  

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