Why my PC has become so much slow?

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I am quite confused about what has happened with my computer. When I begin to restart or shutdown my PC, it takes about 2-3 minutes for “Saving your settings” to shutdown, and then another 15-20 seconds for windows.

This is not the only case; even my system takes about 2-3 minutes to boot and load. I have an HP Pavilion, Win SP2, Pentium 4, 2.6 GHz, 1024 Mb RAM and 80 GB Hard Drive. Help needed.


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Why my PC has become so much slow?


It is quite difficult to answer this problem, as we don’t know exactly, what kind of software you generally have in your system. Windows XP was designed to boot to a usable state within 30 seconds. And this is fine, and very true, as long as you don’t have any file running in the background. So following might be the reasons for your problem:

  •  You may have various programs, like a third party firewall, Antivirus ; a couple of instant messaging programs running at the background.
  •  You may have an extra mouse driver or a background CD writing software.
  •  Some kind of creative media server, Microsoft or Open Office “Quick start” modules.

There are a number of programs, including different user programs, as well as some drivers, that can lengthen startup and shutdown times when installed. Now how do we tackle this problem? The simple solution to this, can be achieved by following these steps:

  •  Have a look on programs, which are set on auto start option and set those to manual.  So that those can’t lengthen shutdown or boot time.
  •  Those programs which are on auto update mode, try to turn that option off.
  •  You can also avoid this waiting time by simply hibernating your system and only shutdown your system once or  twice a week.

Another cause may be the failure of your system to unload profile and the profile is not reconciled. This can be reconciled, using a copy of contents of the registry.  Microsoft has provided a tool to assist with. This can be found on their Web Site.

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Why my PC has become so much slow?


You can try to do a system restoration:

( start >> all program >> accessory >> utility system >> system restoration )

and choose a date when you computer was not slow , and restart you system. Otherwise, you can go to

start >> run >> " %temp% " and click ok >> after deleting all the files in the folder

re do these work , : prefetch ,temp ,   dllcache ,  recent                                          

Then, go to

start >> run >> and write " msconfig " and disable all functions in star system ,

>> click ok  and restart

you can also try ( ctrl + alt+ dell ) and go to process, choose svhost.exe and click  to end process and restore.

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Why my PC has become so much slow?


After setting up, the PC has become much slower. There are many causes for it:

1. New  software's  are installed  many  times;  every software  is saved  on computer memory.

2.  When a PC is connected  to the Internet,  then many files will enter our PC.

3  If many soft wares are activated simultaneously, then the PC may slow down.

4. PC may be full of spyware, Trojans  or viruses.

5. Hard disk may be too full of information, to work properly.

6.  Many background programs running  at the same time.   

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Why my PC has become so much slow?


Some causes for a PC to become too slow are:

1.  Too many software installations on the computer!

Removing software.  You should click on Start> Control Panel> Software> Applications change / remove. Select the software you want to delete and click the Delete button next to it. Then restart the computer. Do not forget! It is better to remove all unnecessary software, to make your PC fast.

2.  Older drivers and driver updates missing.

It’s not a bad idea to occasionally check your PC drivers.  Outdated and missing driver updates are required as your computer needs to be able to continue working. Working with an outdated driver version, may have consequences for the respective computer device. For example, if your video card is outdated and no longer fits your current Windows version, which may affect the video card.

3. Computer slow factor Malware infections.

Malware infections in the form of virus, spyware and Trojans will naturally slow down your computer considerably, and if desired by the maker to play havoc with your computer. Usually the goal to steal data or your computer as a basis for malacide purposes such as an attack on a couch. For example, when the virus is active, your computer will significantly decrease performance. Moreover, is it over with your Internet privacy. Hence, a good Antivirus and Anti-spyware program is very important. Make regular checks for Malware. It is now very easy to be infected especially if not all the updates (patches) for your software installation is installed.

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Why my PC has become so much slow?


Run an Antivirus scan with powerful Antivirus and access your computer using safe mode, clean registry using some reliable cleaner such as Reginout Cleaner.


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