Why my guest not working in Cisco

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I have a problem. I recently discovered that my Cisco guest network is not working for Cisco Linksys E4200.Is there anyway that I can solve this problem. 

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Why my guest not working in Cisco


I may help you to solve the issue. You need to use the network (guest) in bridge mode. Afterwards, isolate all computers; but your gateway to the internet (global network) from guest clients (guest isolation) should be retained.

Just Follow these steps:

  1. You have to change the subnet set on the local interface of your internet gateway. Consider an example of (The LAN may use as network address; Now your gateway router can contact with computers on network address)
  2. Again, configure the E4200 in the bridge mode of connection. You can use as the subnet mask. Now, use an IP address ranged within your LAN (LAN address is; Thus the IP of  E4200 is (or any address you choose)).
  3. Enable all wireless options of E4200 but don't forget to set password there. Now, enable those guests.
  4. Now connect the E4200's WAN port to the LAN port of the switch OR the gateway (router).
  5. You need to connect to the guest network. To test ping all computers in network. They give a try to have internet access.

Since all devices except your internet gateway or router have (may have) still subnets under the subnet mask, those wireless guest clients may not be able to contact with them; the reason is that they are staying in different subnets of your network.

As the internet gateway (router) possesses the subnet =, it now can contact with those hosts staying on network ranges of – There may be 2046 hosts (computers) in your network.

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