Why my DVR current account is locked automatically?

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locked automatically and I don’t know the reason behind this. If anyone knows the reason and how to rectify this issue then tell me. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Why my DVR current account is locked automatically?


Hello Laura,

In the event that an account experiences 5 incorrect login attempts within a period of 30 minutes, it will lock to prevent unauthorized access, and therefore that may be the case for you. You may immediately unlock the account by doing a reboot of the DVR or you can go ahead and wait for 30 minutes after which it will unlock automatically.




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Why my DVR current account is locked automatically?


It seems you are referring to the Parental Control feature available on a DVR. Like with any other devices that offer Parental Control, it allows you to easily restrict or block any programming on the television that you consider inappropriate for your children. This is very much applicable to the TV shows on cable TV.

One example of a service that offers Parental Control is DIRECTV, a satellite TV provider. Every TV show has a parental ratings tab found on its information page which describes the shows’ overall contents and message like commercialism, sexual content, violence, and others. This helps parents determine whether the programs are appropriate for their children or not.

To configure the Parental Control settings when using a DVR, press the menu button on your remote control then select PARENTAL, FAV’S & SETUP, PARENTAL CONTROLS, and then EDIT SETTINGS. If you select LOCK NOW, you will be prompted to enter a PIN number. Also, if you want to watch a restricted program or channel, you need to enter the PIN when asked.

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