Need help about restoring vhs with after effects

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We have a task of restoring VHS with after effects, we need to reduce the noise in those tapes and then change them to digital.

Can any one help?

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Need help about restoring vhs with after effects


Hi Agustin Devante,

Here's my step by step guide for you.

  • The first thing you do is to get your VCR and link it up to your DVDR.
  • Make sure to record the DVD at 2 hours setting. You may need multiple DVD for one VHS, because it's only depend on what speed of your tape you are recorded on. (You must first finalize the disc first before proceeding to the next step, because some DVD is having the option to unfinalize the disc, thus allow you to reuse the same DVD).
  • After that rip the recorded DVD to your computer, use an excellent ripper, that allow you to change the crap out of your output settings. ( There's a lot of excellent ripper to be found on the internet ). 
  • Next, set your output to lossless. Either avi or mov format. And set your bitrate at 8mb/s then the audio sampling, make it 48 kHz.
  • If completed, start the restoration in Premiere by joining back the video together (if you are using multiple DVD) or cutting it up into pieces of clips (if you want). 
  • Use the Dynamic link to send your clip(s) to After Effects. And then restore it ( Depending on your client or delivery technique, it is not required to restore as much as you think, since several compressions introduce their own artifacts, in such a way making the VHS artifacts). Run some render test before you proceed the restoration proper.

For a better quality especially in reducing noise. You can choose or use either of these two:

  • Magic Bullet Denoiser, they say that this is a very good plug in in your After Effects. You may try the trial first so that you can see if it suited for your needs. You can get it from here.
  • Boris Continuum Complete, it has a package that can handle task from degrain, noise reduction, pixel fixer and etc. You can download it from here.

That's all.

Hope it helps you even a little.

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Need help about restoring vhs with after effects


Hello Agustin Devante,

Hope that my message finds you well.
Also I already use (NeatVideo, Peachsmoother, VagueDenoiser and Convolution3d) and want to share my experience about them:
  • NeatVideo: Gives you the best results but it is very slow.
  • Peachsmoother with VagueDenoiser : will give you satisfactory results and they are fast comparing them with (NeatVideo). The results are close to NeatVideo.
  • Convolution3d : will give you a good results and it is fast but it causes more blurring comparing with others.

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