Why Is My Desktop Computer Grounded?

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Hi guys,

I noticed this one problem lately about my computer. Whenever I make contact with my Desktop Computer, a receive a mild to strong jolt of electricity which causes me to freak out sometimes. Is this normal to all Desktop Computers or is there some sort of hardware troubling shooting I need to do to fix this problem?

I appreciate and welcome all advice that you guys can share about my computer problem. Thank you and good day.


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Why Is My Desktop Computer Grounded?


I’ll assume it’s just an static shocks, because if it is really and electrical shocks, it’s time to unplug your PC and get help from a registered electrician. It really can cause fire.

So assuming it’s simply an static shock, nothing to worry about. But you need to figure out if this is electric or static shock in electric shock the current through a computer can hurt a bit, can cause some burning skin or inflammation while static, little painful that can numb a finger or a hand in a few minutes.

But here are some tips to check your computer, try checking out your power supply, it can also be the cause of electric shock if it’s defective if it is not being properly grounded also check out the power line through the AC socket or even metal screws that attaches to the casing can also cause a shock.

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Why Is My Desktop Computer Grounded?



This is not the software or the hardware problem, Motherboard is being earth with the computer body, So it is a normal thing but if we touch the computer bare footed then it happens else not. Some time if the switch where the computer cable plug-in it also causes the short. First of all you check the switch never gives spark light when cable plug in. So be careful to use the electric machines.


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Why Is My Desktop Computer Grounded?


HI Leon,

I have read your problem. I have faced this problem many more times. Your problem is a little mild electric shock from your CPU body.

It happens when you use electric power which has no earthing line. You have noticed that your power cable has three pin. The third pin is for earthing connection. Please call a electrician and ensure that your connection board's earthing line is okay.

I think your problem will be solved.


Johans Bryan

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