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I installed an old version of K-lite codec player in my PC. It is not played in my PC. So I tried to remove it from my system.

I opened the control panel and selected add or remove programs. Then I selected change/remove option from this box but a message is shown as, "some file is corrupted unable to remove etc."

So how can I remove this from my PC?

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First scan your computer, maybe there is a virus which is resisting the un installation of k-lite codec player or if you are familiar with DOS then go to DOS by doing this:

Start>Run>Type CMD

And from DOS go to the folder of k-lite codec player and try to remove all files from DOS. If that is a problem for you, then restart your computer from normal mode and go to the safe mode and uninstall it from safe mode.

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Deleting or uninstalling does not completely remove a program. You have to open regedit by going to run command and type (regedit) . Once you have open regedit,

Click on Edit menu and Find and you can then type the name of the program you've installed and click, find next ; then delete any entry. Keep doing this until no entries are visible, shortcut for this is F3.

Or there are many software such as Unlocker Here . It complete removes all entries specially on the registry. I hope that helps . Kirk25