Why do I need to go for cloud computing?

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What is the relevance of the cloud computing methodology? What is a hyper visor in Cloud computing? What are the types of hypervisors in Cloud Computing? Is a Type 1 Hypervisor better than a Type 2 Hypervisor. Why? What are the characteristics which cloud computing offers which make it an attractive as an implementation option?


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Why do I need to go for cloud computing?


If you are true to your business growth and serious about it, then you must have cloud computing.

The main aim of it's is to help an business making it simpler for us and fast reliable solution.

Coming to hypervision, it is a program that operates more than one OS that is operating system which is connected to a hardware host. This hardware host is also known as Virtual Machine Monitor. The role of a Hypervision is clearly explained that it supports operating system in Cloud Computing.

Hypervision Division or Types:-

1. Type 1

2. Type 2

The main characteristics or role of Cloud Computing are Broad Network Access, Rapid Elasticity, Resource Pooling, On-demand Self-Service, measured service. 

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