Why do i need antivirus if i have Firewall??

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I am using Windows XP service pack 2 in which i have seen a option of a firewall system. And i made it On for my PC security. Now I have a antivirus ESET nod32 version 4.2 which i want to use in My PC. But the question is, Is it necessary to use an antivirus though i have make the firewall ON.

What is the differences between the activity of the firewall and the Antivirus. Which one is best for the security of my PC. What are the Jobs of the Firewall and Antivirus? Can firewall kill any virus? Or resist any virus coming from any other device like Pen-drive, CD or DVD drive?

If firewall does not able to kill any virus then what is its importance? I like to know about all those things please someone describe it so i can understand which one is more important.

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Why do i need antivirus if i have Firewall??



It is necessary that you have both Firewall and Antivirus, the main reason for that is it will give you more securities on your computer.

Every computer has a Firewall, it is commonly known as the first line of defense in protecting information and us well as to block or prevent other's from looking into your files and prevent altering your data's.

Meanwhile an Antivirus is a software that scans your computer on incoming and outgoing data which is extremely dangerous to your computer. It deletes malicious software that is already stored on your computer and automatically detects any unknown files that is harmful to your computer.

Firewall cannot kill nor destroy any viruses, It's just like a barrier that protect your computer from unwanted users who are trying to view your data or do something illegal.

I do hope this solutions i provided will helped you understand about securities for your computer. By the way, your choice of antivirus it pretty much good. I think It was on top ten best antiviruses as of dated.


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Why do i need antivirus if i have Firewall??


Hi Branden,

Antivirus a software used to prevent and remove malware or any other computer viruses.

Firewall is a barrier designed to prevent unwanted programs in a network. 

There are three types of firewall:

  • Software firewall.
  • Hardware firewall.
  • Wireless router.

You can determine which type of firewall you are going to use: How many computers and what Operating System did you use?

I think you mentioned about your personal computer. Since you are using Windows XP SP2, so you have to turn it ON by default.

Then now you are using a software firewall package from your operating which is Windows.

Yes, it is necessary to have Anti-virus even if you have the firewall. The scenario would be like this; the firewall you are using is to prevent unwanted programs in a network so if you are connected with (LAN) local area network and a (WAN), your PC is free from viruses and a malwares because it can't enter through the firewall BUT everyday (daily or anytime) reported that there is an update of the virus, malware, spyware, etc. and you do not update your software into Windows higher version and also the firewall your are using, so possible this time unwanted programs can enter through you firewall.

That is why you need also to install your Anti-virus software and be sure it is updated also for its purpose is to scan whatever unwanted programs infected in your personal computer.

Because of the fast update of any software, I can't determine what is the best between the firewall and the anti-virus. However, I can recommend to use that two tools as security and maintenance of your PC.

The job of Firewall is to prevent meaning it wont allow any programs that can harm your computer.


  • A man with a bulletproof.
  • Bulletproof is the firewall while the bullet is the virus.
  • So the bullet cant destroy the man because he has a bullet proof.

The job of the Antivirus is to remove or kill the virus in your computer.

Firewall has importance even if it can't delete virus in the since that it will inform you that there is a virus entering your computer. So your anti-virus will be able to scan your computer for prevention.

I hope I can share you basic things.



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Why do i need antivirus if i have Firewall??


Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

Dear firewall provides a shield against unwanted connection and robbery of your data.

Antivirus provides shield against viruses and spyware.

You have need to install antivirus as well as firewall.

Both are must to be installed in your computer to make better performance.

I hope it will provide you better help to understand your question.


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