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Author: Henry Klein
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I use a pen drive of Kingston brand. It used to work fine but one day it got infected by virus. Since that day I am not able to format my pen drive. Is there any way to format the pen drive?

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Hey Henry Klein!

There are many software that can be used to format the USB. Same was mine problem. I was unable to format my USB due to viruses and I was badly stuck in this situation. I tried to format it in my friend's computer but I found myself with no luck.

Then I tried some softwares. The best software, I found to format my USB was HP USB stick Storage Format Tool. I was succeeded in formatting my USB with this software. I would like to recommend you to use same software. It will also help you.

I am going to add a link here:

You can download the software from this link and format your USB.


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Hi there, 

It seems you are trouble with Viruses.

Follow my steps : - 

1. Better install a GOOD Antivirus and or Internet security. 
I personally Recommends Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. It works great. It catches almost all the viruses and also very smooth to operate. What problem kaspersky has till its 2011 versions was slow updates. Now they have solved the problem.
Go try download the trial version and try it for 30 days and if and only if you liked then buy the license for 1 year.
2. Now use a low level format tool (find it in Google) and then use it to format.
Good luck.

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I am now able to format my pen drive because of these 2 experts who helped give their solutions and thank you also to techyv very good job you make for the people who have problems in computer, it really helps to all of people who are having problems with the computer, i salute to both of you guys, keep it up.