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Lotus Notes 7.0.3 - new emails arriving as read (Black color). New e-mails is supposed to be showing in red, but one user’s Inbox shows them in black.  I tried searching for help online but nothing worked.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Lotus Notes is good, but it shows some problems. Just like the one you said.

Go to the sysadmin and let it check your mailbox and determine how many are left unread .Then reopen Lotus and let Lotus check again. If it is happen the same, then get them to re-install Lotus Notes.

Or you can just simply refresh your template design which can be a good option to make a change.

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You can fix this problem in two ways.

The first way is you can check all of your unread mails. If you check those unread mails then the new email might show in default color like red.

The second way is you can check the template. For checking your templates go to the sysadmin and change template into default or refresh the template.


Baker Alex