While merging a TNJ : the error messages

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While merging a TNJ into a job I received the error messages: “SQLite Error (11): database disk image is malformed” “SQLite Error (5): the database file is locked”. What is the reason of this problem? Could you help me, please?

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While merging a TNJ : the error messages


Hi Philippe, it seems your auxiliary files is corrupted, it's just easy because auxiliary files can be deleted and recreated. Do these steps:

1. Find the auxiliary file of this job, either delete it or rename it.

2. When you open the job, it says "Auxiliary file is missing, do you wish to continue?"

3. Your reply is "yes"

4. Go to File>properties and enter a new name of the new auxiliary file you are about to create. I think your name Philippe is lucky, so I suggest your name. 

5.  Then go to images mode and refresh images, this will create auxiliary file again.

6. Now, it's time to merge.

Hope it helps.



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