Which software best matches my needs?

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Now, this is a very interesting question. I'm willing to create a movie like Despicable Me. 

Here are the confusions:

What software can be used to create a movie like DM?

How is the animation created in DM?

What are the additional hardware and software that I will need to purchase to create videos like in DM?

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Which software best matches my needs?



Creating animated movies take very much hard work and a big team and high configured hardware.

Animated moves require drawing each frame with the software. There are many software that can enable you create animations, like Maya, Adobe Flash etc.

Next, if you decide to develop an HD movie, you need the good graphics cards. Mostly, NVIDIA is the best for quality and AMD for speed; in this case, NVIDIA GeForce is highly recommended. High amount of RAM, about 32GB or more is recommended.

In order to add sound, you might need a good studio instruments or use normal instruments as you like.

But most of all, it requires much time and big team. Even creating “Frozen” took more than 1 year where it’s just about an hour long with all the workers of Disney.

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