Which is much better? SATA or IDE Hard drives? And why?

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Which is much better? A SATA or an IDE Hard drive? And why?

Yesterday, I went to a computer store to buy a hard drive for my computer. When I was at the store, I forgot to list down the system specifications of my computer. I was standing while waiting for my turn into the information where you will ask the specific product that you're looking for. When it was already my turn, I asked the saleslady what hard drive was the most saleable in their store. And the saleslady said, that the "SATA" hard drive was the one. And then, I suddenly remember the specific hard drive for my computer and that's a "SATA" hard drive.

I bought the hard drive. When I got home I installed it in my computer then, after I'm already through with the installation, I opened my computer. But nothing happened and I don't see anything new on my screen. What should I do? Is the hard drive that I bought damaged or not compatible with the motherboard of my computer?

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Which is much better? SATA or IDE Hard drives? And why?


Good Day!

IDE or (Integrated Device Attachment) also known as PATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment) hard disks were introduced in the early 90's, while SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) hard disks were introduced and released on the market in the year 2000. SATA hard drives are designed to replace IDE hard Drives.

Most new computers use SATA hard disks which are faster and more reliable than IDE hard drives. Some computer have connector for both SATA and IDE hard drives. You can use both of these if you are depending on your motherboard.

  • The first option is to open up your CPU, and see if your motherboard supports IDE connector or SATA ports.
  • If your computer does not support IDE, you can buy a kit to convert your old IDE drive into an external drive, and connect it with a standard USB cable. Can buy this here Click this.

Note that your IDE hard disk is going to be an external hard drive not your primary hard drive.

Advantage of SATA over IDE/PATA hard drives:

  • SATA Performs faster data transfer than IDE/PATA hard drives.

SATA (150 MB/sec to 3 GB/sec).

PATA (100 MB or 133 MB/sec).

  • Based on their Physical Appearance.

SATA:-7 pin connector (slimmer than IDE Hard Drives).

PATA- 40 pin Connector (Fatter than SATA Hard Drives).

  • Cable differences.

SATA:- Has Long, flexible, multicolor, narrow width having 7 wires, no connector in between cable
PATA:- Small, less flexible, grey blue or white, wide, having 40 wire cable, have connector in between cable.

  • As we can see on the above specifications, it is more practical to use SATA nowadays, because this is the trend of the hard disk drives. And also the performance is better than the old PATA hard drives.
  • On the other hand, your computer might not be showing any display because your hard drive is not compatible with your motherboard. You should check the difference and compatibility of your hardware first.
  • Also, have you installed an Operating System on your hard disk? If not, try installing the operating system on your hard drive.

Hope I was able to give you some help.

Have a nice day.

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Which is much better? SATA or IDE Hard drives? And why?


SATA is much better. If you have more than one hard drive, you really need to use IDE since it can handle multiple hard drives. But if you just want to have one hard drive, you should choose SATA. SATA has a shorter cable, faster installation and has no jumper, wherein it is very easy to put in your computer.

While in IDE, you have to be careful with jumpers because it has a longer cable. In terms of data transfer speed, SATA is faster than IDE. SATA speed is two times faster than the IDE.

Please check your Motherboard specifications. If it supports SATA and if not, you can buy your own PCI-compatible SATA host adapter card.

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