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Our son was assigned Linux in one of his computer classes. My question pertains to the different distributions of Linux and which one would be more appropriate for a 10 year old. I"m also looking for one that has a fairly family friendly knowledge base and that won't mind him asking some basic questions as he gets going.  So far, he seems to be leaning towards Ubuntu or Redhat but we're still open to suggestions. Thanks a bunch!

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Ubuntu is the first choice I can say but there is another Linux distributor named Linux mint is also should be considered. The features of Linux mint is given below:

a)      Linux mint is based on Ubuntu although it is different from Ubuntu.

b)      Its graphical user interface(GUI) is much different from any other traditional Linux

c)       It is looks like almost as windows, so it is easy to operate.

d)      Linux mint has vast collection of software which makes it one of the popular in Linux world.

e)      It can be used as dual; so if you have windows you can also use Linux mint.