Which is element of a dual-boot through Windows 7

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Hi all,

I'm at present trying to re-setup Natty, which is element of a dual-boot through Windows 7.

I attempted to utilize the installer to restore natty, but I found an error message saying that it is not able to copy the boot loader across.

If I would like to set up it somewhere else really froze, as a result I couldn't make use of it.

Then, I tried once more and found this:

???     ???

???     ???


Then I went to GParted to make out what was incorrect, as the question mark error message showed on the "scanning file systems" stage.

I need to solve this error message. I need your help. Please help me.

Thanks a lot.

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Which is element of a dual-boot through Windows 7



I’m not familiar with Ubuntu and that dialog box or screenshot is from Ubuntu and not from Windows 7. Maybe this problem happens because you accidentally deleted the file used in dual-boot or maybe a major update on your operating system got corrupted the file.

But since the message in the dialog box is kind of odd, try checking your machine for possible virus infection. Update your antivirus then run a full system scan on your whole computer. If the scan didn’t reveal any infection on your system, I think the best solution for this is to format your hard drive then install both operating systems again.

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