Which to choose between PS4 and XBOX ONE?

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PS4 and XBOX ONE are the best consoles on earth till date. However, both of them are good but one cannot buy both of them. If someone can buy both then that's very good. Which is the best console among the above mentioned two? Which one should anyone choose and for what reasons?

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Which to choose between PS4 and XBOX ONE?

No doubt both are best of the best. They are not identical but very close to each other. The question about PS4 vs Xbox one is still unresolvable. There are both good and bad things about both machines.
But more peoples are impress with PS4 instead of Xbox one.
Similarities between both:
Both Ps4 and Xbox are powerful consoles
Major games of both cost $60
Both are having many overlapping softwares.
Both support voice chat cross gaming for up to 8 peoples at a time.
PS4 controller contains touch pad which is a good thing. Xbox lacks that option. We have to press button again and again in xbox but in PS4 we can slide from 1 thing to another by just single swipe.
Also PS4 let you to charge your controller even system is in sleep mode.
PS4 charge $50 annually for online multiplayer subscription while Xbox charge $60 annually.
You can livestream from both and both consoles play DVD and Blu-Ray.
Ps4 is cheaper than Xbox. You can buy PS4 in just  $399 while Xbox will cost more money $499.
According to users PS4 is on top.  

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