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Which is Best between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 11 and why

Thanks for your help in advance

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Here is a comparison. The Pro consists of 2.4 GHz versus 1.7 GHz Core i5 processor of MacBook Air (Pro’s 500GB versus the Air’s 128GB SSD). Both have thunderbolt and USD 2.0 ports.

The Pro has thicker 1.0 while the Air has 0.7 inch. Pro also consists of optical drive - a slot-loading DVD±RW burner and Ethernet port but these two features are not found in the MacBook Air. But there are some important points to be noticed i-e Ethernet is now an old thing and has been replaced by WiFi.

The MacBook Air’s SSD also gives an edge that competes with MacBook Pro’s processing power. One can feel the difference in his briefcase with 4.5 pounds of MacBook Pro rather than having 3.0 pounds of MacBook Air.

So from the above, I think most of the people will vote for MacBook Air.

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I like MacBook Air because it is a smaller lightweight machine that has 11 or 13 inch screen. It is a slimmer designer and almost 30% lighter than the MacBook Pro. In the case of popularity it plays a great role for carrying. Because everyone wants to take his Laptop from office to home and vice-versa. 
There is no optical drive for CD’s and DVD’s. Its 13 inch MBA has better screen resolution than 13 inch MBP. Its 1440X900 Higher resolution is awesome. It is best for portability. The MacBook Air is fast enough for all day-to-day tasks such as: web browsing, email, watching videos, photo editing with Aperture, music creation with Logic, iWork and iLife programs. The standard equipped SSD will greatly improve the speed of all these tasks.
It has outstanding WiFi recognition and backlit keyboard and large track pad. Its battery life is great, almost seven hours. So traveling for a long time, it is very helpful for doing essential works and removing tiredness.