Where I find employee monitoring system introduction?

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Hello guys, I need information about employee monitoring system introduction. Can you provide me the details? Also you can provide me tutorial link as well. Please  provide informative best tutorial link.I am a beginner so do not ask me any question regarding this because I do not have much knowledge.

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Where I find employee monitoring system introduction?



I think you have a project or thesis to start with.  Usually when you want to develop a system, we can do it by interview from which you want to implement and deploy your finished project.  Designing a system might be through a local area network or a system that needs an authentication via Internet.  The basic intro that I recommend is in this link:



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Where I find employee monitoring system introduction?


Hello Fernando,

Here is brief information about the employee monitoring system.  It is a method that allows company administrators to monitor all the computers of each of their employees within a main location.  It is also an easy solution to track the behavioral work attitude of each individual who are working in the company. This is done over a business network.  To better understand further, you can check this page for more information and relevant introduction of the system.  You will also know the types of the monitoring system, its advantages and disadvantages as well.

If you are planning to build a monitoring system, you need to consider relevant information which will help you accomplish the project.  Here’s a guideline on how you can start:

1. First off, outline the capability of your system by answering these questions:

a. What will be the features of the system?

b. What are the Inputs and the Outputs needed?

2. You will also need to design your Inputs to get your desired outputs.  This also means you need to collect more information through research and data gathering.

3. Once you have defined the outline, you need to move on to the next stage wherein you need to analyze the process and flow including the design of the interface of the system.  Please note that when talking about design, it’s still best to make it simple but looking professional.

4. You will also need to design the security of the system plus the method on how your system is going to store and retrieve the data.

More ideas will come as soon as you have learned how the system works or how you want it to work.

I hope these short guidelines have helped you.

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