Where can a game expert apply for beta testings to earn money?

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Does someone here know where can a game expert apply for a beta testing job and can earn money?

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Where can a game expert apply for beta testings to earn money?




Hi Shannon,

Being a gamer, a lot of us think that we can easily make into the beta game testing job (QA tester job), but it is not as easy as it seems to get a start in the field or to work in this field. In order to even get a start you need a strong resume since you will be working with the top game developing companies, they will require you to have prior experience as well as a strong knowledge of detecting bugs and suggesting improvements that the developers may enjoy.

There are basically two types of beta testing,

  • Open Beta Testing
  • Closed Beta Testing

Open beta testing basically focuses on a large group of people, and happens weeks before a game is released. You do not get paid for an open beta testing but if you are able to detect bugs and suggest any improvements that the developers implement into the game, it can provide a good start on helping you build your resume in order to get you an official job as a beta tester. You need to start with testing for online MMO games and specialize in different types of games such as RPG, fps, strategy etc.

In closed beta testing, you work as a game tester months or even years before the game's official release. Companies such as EA, Bethesda and Rockstar etc, are constantly hiring for the jobs of QA tester, but the main problem is they require a lot of prior experience.

Getting a beta testing job is not as easy as going to a website and applying for a job for beta testing. You will need to constantly go through websites that release video game news, if there is a closed beta testing available they will be the first to post it. You need to start getting more information about the game such as which company is making the game, history of the game developer company and how far has the game gone in development. Once you have a good knowledge of the game, you will need to get your hands on the closed beta testing key given out by the developers through lottery, applications or to contest winners.

Take a look at this site,


they seem to have a directory of large and small game developing companies with openings in game testing jobs. Again you need to practice before hand on detecting bugs and figuring out improvements in game in order to get a job that pays.


The early stage in the field of beta testing is not easy and requires hard work and dedication. You need to work hard on detecting bugs and suggesting improvements and keep in mind; you will not get paid in the start. You will have to put in a lot of effort and generate results in order to be able to start getting paid as a QA tester once you have experience.


All the large game developers have their hiring sites with jobs available in all fields that they require, demanding extensive experience. Here are a few to get you started,



Hope this helps, Good luck.


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