How to improve the Mac Internet transfer speed

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Hi friends,

I am having fast internet connection, from last 2 days internet seems to be slow on my Mac system. Please advice on how to improve the Mac Internet transfer speed in order to have a fast browsing, Please suggest a few tips for improving the speed.

Thanks and Regards,

Ethan Jessica

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How to improve the Mac Internet transfer speed


There're many suggestions to fix your problem. 

I. Improving speed through Safari.

1. Go to system preferences.

2. Go to network.

3. Select the net work that you want to fix or the one you're using.

4. Go to advance.

5. Click DNS.

6. Click plus sign down.

7. Type under DNS server

8. Plus sign again.

9. Type again

10. Click ok, apply.

11. Close system preference. 

Your internet will be fast.

II. Clearing Safari.

1. Go to empty cashes.

2. Select cashes and delete all. 

III.  Try to use Firefox or any other browsers to see browser is the cause of the problem.

IV. Cleaning Mac operating system.

1. Check the hard drive, if only 10% left, you have to delete some files.

2. When you’re running lot of application while browsing that also makes internet slows down. 

3. Check dashboard. 

4. Check activity monitor.

5. Go to run and type log in, there you can see running programs, if unwanted programs running delete those.

6. Right click hard drive icon and repair it.  

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