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when laptop in sleep mode, Will it continue to download?

i think it might stop or pause the download ? please give me details about sleep mode?

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Yeah everything will be paused because the system is on sleep and sleep mode is saving power. Whatever tasks your doing will be suspended also, you can do running mode when downloading.

Sleep mode is a low power mode this is applicable to laptops, TV and remote controlled devices. In this mode you can save energy compared to a device left idle.

When you put your computer to sleep mode it attempts to cut the power to parts of the machine. Mostly laptops enter on this mode because they are run by batteries also.

You can also hybrid sleep it is a combination of hibernation and sleep mode – The machine can resume instantly, but also can be powered down completely without losing any data.

It was not tested thoroughly so it has also threats from peripherals of computer mice. So you better avoid sleep mode. Especially when you on working environment because of wasted time and materials caused by computer mice.  


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When a computer is to be set in sleep mode, basically, it directly stops all operations or the running/opened programs and documents in your laptop.

By definition, it is the power-saving state of any computer system such that the major purpose of this setting is to conserve energy. There are two ways of setting your computer in sleep mode.

First, some computers directly set itself in sleep mode without clicking any icon on your desktop if it is left unused for a certain period of time or if the cover of the laptop is closed.

However, some computers have to be manually operated in order to set your computer in sleep mode.

Depending on your computer’s power management setting, your computer may be set in either of the two but still both settings save all opened documents and programs such that when computer is turned on it could resume to full-power operation.

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No, sleep puts your computer to sleep effectively cutting power to the hard drive and monitor.

No downloads will function. Sleep means the CPU goes into standby, and hibernate means total shutdown and write all the RAM to a special file on the hard drive to be read back upon wakeup.

Your computer will NOT go into either without you forcing it when you're downloading. And forcing it stops the download. Sometimes it depends on the OS, but typically the computer will not download during sleep or hibernate mode because the computer loses internet access.