When I set the activation key I find “Subscription has expired”

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Hi experts,

My uncle bought Kaspersky Pure 2 renewal on May 28, 2012 and its order Number: 18277842424.

When I set the activation key I find "Subscription has expired" however it runs out on May 28, 2013 at 11:59pm.

Here is the screenshot.

Manage Subscription

Status: expired
License type: commercial with subscription for 3 computers
Expiration date: 05/28/2012 11:59 PM
Subscription has expired
14days remaining until update is disabled. To resume the subscription, contact your
service provider
Update subscription status    Visit subscription provider website
                                             End User License Agreement    Close

Need your help to solve this. Please help.


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When I set the activation key I find “Subscription has expired”


Hello Brian,

Considering the fact that we are way past May 28, 2012, I think you might have bought an antivirus application that is way past it time of subscription. You should have been notified this by the people you bought from, but if you still have the warranty for it you can still demand a replacement.

Or you happened to buy the antivirus software before May 28, 2012, then you might have not installed it in the period that was needed and in that case it will be a bit hard to get a replacement even if you have a warranty. But I will just suggest that you go back to the store where you bought it and tell them your situation.




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