When creating an effect it gives me some error.

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Kindly help me,

I am working on a simple artwork and it is a small file only and keeps having this message when trying to make some saturation and brightness effects. What do I have to do is to close and open AE again. After a while it pops up again. What would be the solution for this? Thanks a lot.


After Effects error: Levels returned invalid max_result_rect from PF_Cm_SMART_PRE_RENDER

( 25 :: 237 )

Thanks to anyone.

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When creating an effect it gives me some error.


Regarding your problem about Adobe After Effect, unfortunately there is no officially help for this case. But after search online, i found this tips:
You can add Color Balance (HLS) effect before you offending effect (in Curves and Levels, maybe different place on you). and no, you don't have to set any other parameters on the Color Balance, so it won't affect the image. Test if Adobe After Effect still show that error
Another tips, you can directly go to adjusment Color Balance + Replace Color. Then see if the error still show up or not
I hope these can help you 🙂

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