When a computer is reformatted

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My brother is doing some kind of restoration in his laptop and now the entire program in the system, media player and all other major software are deleted. And my concern is, if you purchased the software and set it up in the shop, could he view his start as normal working laptop with the entire basic program.

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When a computer is reformatted




Well first of all I guess from "entire program in the system" you mean the Operating System. 

It's little bit hard to delete those mentioned Windows components like Media Player. However since they have been deleted he can basically restore everything he did to Windows.

To do that there is a program called System Restore in windows. 

First let's assume that System Restore service was active from the beginning.

If you are using windows 7, go to Start, Accessories, System Tools then System Restore. There after clicking next you will see some dates stating what you have done to your machine. What you have to do here is select a near date and restore the system. It'll take some time and the system will reboot and will give a message that Restore is successful. (If you are using Windows XP system Restore is located in Start, All Programs, Accessories, and System tools)

If the System restore was turned off, then making your laptop normal will take time. 

As you mentioned the laptop was purchased with the Operating system. In modern laptops there is a partition called Recovery within the hard drive of the computer. If your laptop is not that new, then it should have come with a CD or DVD. If you have a CD or DVD just put it in the rom and reboot the machine. Normally it will ask you to press a key to boot from the CD or DVD. Else just press F2 or Del key in the startup and go to BIOS and set the CD or DVD rom as first boot device. After booting from the CD or DVD follow the instructions and do a clean install.

If you don't have a CD or DVD and have a recovery partition press F2 or Del at the startup and boot from the Recovery partition and follow the instructions.

If you don't have the both CD/DVD and the recovery partition, then you will have to take the machine back to the shop.

Hope this helps.

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