There is a problem with my vst player Mac.

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Hello experts,

There is a problem with my vst player mac. The vst plug in was not giving me an option of the effects that will probably takes place in a specific audio. I don’t know how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue; I will need much of your help. A step by step instruction will probably fix the problem.

Thank you.

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There is a problem with my vst player Mac.


Hello Mr. Jerry Blando,

If you want to allow VST plugin to work, you must have installed ASIO driver in your PC. If it is not the issue and your receive (No ASIO driver) messages then please you first download ASIO4ALL which can solve your difficulty.

Please download and extend this box by using WinRAR, Zip etc.

VST plugins are mostly .dll files.

Once the plugin is expanded, you should drop it into the VST dedicated folder in the host. After this the plugin must show in the 'effects' or 'VST' menu of the host.

Go to WaveLab : C:Program FilesWaveLabPlug-ins

Go to Cubase : C:Program FilesSteinbergVstplugins.

Go with Audacity : C:Program FilesAudacityPlug-Ins
Audacity is not natively able to run VST. You need to upgrade it:

Thanks very much.

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