What is turbine utilities software

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I have this software named turbine utilities. I have currently using tune up utilities. Is this software similar to tune up utilities or is it something different? please post it here.

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What is turbine utilities software



Turbine Utilities is not a software similar to TuneUp Utilities. It is actually a plug-in required in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) Game. It is a class that adds dragging and user interface hiding functionality similar to the game interface. I am not accustomed to playing the game. So, I can't tell you much about the utility but yeah, its not similar to TuneUp Utility in any manner.

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What is turbine utilities software


That’s right. The Turbine LUA Utilities is an add-on for the VirtueView plug-in for the game “Lord of the Rings Online”. The VirtueView plug-in helps you track the deeds you have done and the deeds you want to do for your Virtues. You can select the virtues you want as well as the regions you are interested in.

VirtueView will show you the deeds you can do there that will grant those virtues. To use Turbine LUA Utilities, you must first install VirtueView. Go to LOTRO Interface VirtueView Download to download VirtueView. Once it is installed, simply type without quotes “/vv show” to show it. Once it is working, go to Turbine LUA Utilities to download.

Once it is installed, check if it is working. Browse some of the pages on the site for additional info. Several users encountered problems when they installed VirtueView. The posts there might help you fix some problems in case you encounter them.

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