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I want to download music videos from youtube but I didn't know how to download it.

How can I download youtube videos and what software do you use to download youtube videos faster to your computer?


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Hello Jennifer.

You can download Youtube videos directly to your computer using Freemake Free Video Downloader (

Just download and install Freemake Video Downloader.  If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, a special add-on will be installed and a shortcut icon will automatically be placed on the toolbar.  Just click on the menu bar to automatically let it download the video.  Alternatively, you can copy the URL of the Youtube video and paste it on the URL bar of the downloader.

Once it starts download, you will be prompted to what format it should save the video.  It supports multiple formats for both input and output.  You can download Youtube videos in HD resolutions and convert it to various formats depending on your preference.