What should I do when my computer starts with a black screen?

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My computer always starts with a black screen whenever I start it up. I am using Windows 7. What could be the reason for this and how do I remedy this problem?

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What should I do when my computer starts with a black screen?


Upon rebooting computer and it encountered black screen is caused by single or multiple issues. But the common problem with this black screen is the Video Card installed.

Identifying the problem may challenge you to locate the main source but if you straight and check the video card, then you might target the bulls eye.

There are 2 category of black screens that might appear during boot-up. The common ones are with no beep sound, cursor, logo and options for safe mode and most specially the bios file. The problem here is the PCI, AGP video card installed. The possible issue are that these hardware are not installed correctly and or has loose connection inside.

Ensure these hardware are security in there specified slots and wires are tightly in. Unplugged and replugged if possible to ensure all are tight.

The most weird issue with black screen is the monitor is turn off. Well, this can be cause of the power cord is loose on the monitor or the monitor is not turn on at all. Activate the switch on mode to turn the monitor on, black screen will disappear. 

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What should I do when my computer starts with a black screen?


First you need to do is to identify where the problem comes from. Here’s some factor why computer starts with a black screen.

  1. Your computer having trouble.
  2. Your Video adapter card is dead.
  3. No power on your monitor.
  4. The monitor is not connected into your computer.
  5. Your monitor is in trouble.

If you hear a two fast beep from your computer, that means your computer is good. But if none, refer to your BIOS beep codes. Your computer might be having trouble.

If your video adapter is dead, you will also hear a beep codes from your computer. Try to disconnect then cleaning the pins of your video adapter card then connect.

If there’s no power in your monitor, check the power switch and the power source.

Check the connection of your monitor from your computer, sometimes loose connections happened.

Try to bring your monitor into your nearest electronic shop to check the monitor.

Some monitor having delays before the image displayed completely. So you need to wait for a seconds before the display appears specially when the computer or the monitor are powered on for the first time after turning on the computer.

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