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I was doing a presentation and I had up several screens. In the middle of the presentation I got a blue screen which had a message that the computer may be damaged. What could be the cause of this?

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Hello Nsoltau, 

As I read your problem I have some explanation why this is happening I hope it will give you an idea why this is occurring and already happened that to me. They called that blue screen of death this occurred when something changing of Registry Files or Deleting of Registry this because also of viruses that will corrupt a specific file.

It also occurred when your PC device has a problem one of the examples of this are a physical dump of memory or when the system of your computer encounter a condition under safe operations or lack of resources it also cause a failure of boot up and then the blue screen will pop-up. My advice also if this has happened to you just restart your PC and if not work for you try to consult a PC technician for some help and PC repair and suggestion.

I hope it will help you to answer and gain information from this.

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Hello there,

Well the Blue screen is basically an indication of software failure. The system crashes sometimes due to a software failure or any driver related issues and that Is how the blue screen thing appears. Well you can avoid this problem by lowering down the load on your system like running less applications, adding an extra RAM to your system and also make sure there is enough free space on your hard disk. Follow these simple steps and you won't come through this error anymore. Hope it helps.


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Blue Screens also known as BSOD or the Blue Screen Error of Death can be caused by corruption in your software like your operating system, drivers or an application currently installed in your computer. It can also be caused by a hardware malfunction or when a hardware goes bad or gets defective.

Sometimes, hardware misconfiguration can also cause blue screen errors like when you do over clocking and the system is to hot and unstable, it may crash and give you a blue screen error. In your case, it could have been caused by your presentation software causing the computer to crash. Try and run the presentation again and see if it happens again. If it does, try reinstalling the software.

Thank you. Hope it helps.

Clair June