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What online backup service is best? I really need to back up my hard drive, but not sure which backup service to use.

Thank you!

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If you want to back up your file for free, then I recommend you to make a free hosting plan in, where you can host almost 5.5 GB for free that’s a lot.

If you need more than that it is OK.  Then visit this site to have a more amazing backup server for a minimum price. Here it is: online backup service.

Another thing is that the base is a hosting server, so you can also create a website for that.

Thank you.

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Here I gave 5 links everyone has different benefits.


When you install Dropbox , a folder appropriately called “My Dropbox” is placed in the Documents area of your computer. If you put anything in this folder this folder will automatically sync with your Dropbox account. 2 GB Free, 50 GB per month $9.99.

Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk takes a different move toward to backup on several different levels. It cost is $2 per month and per GB is currently: $0.15 for storage, $0.10 for upload, and $0.17 for download.


Its have not any free storage and its price is yearly. Yearly price is $54.95 and storage limit is unlimited. This is only for one computer.


You can backup your Windows, Mac, Linux, Open Solaris, Premium (Unlimited) storage cost is $4.50 per month.


Here you can back up your Windows, Mac, Linux, Open Solaris, 2GB free and Home Premium (Unlimited) price is $4.95 per month.

Thank You !!