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What is the "/n" meaning in the C++.

How and where I can use "/n".

And also want to know what is the correct syntax on "/n".

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Hi Rebeca,

‘/n’ in c++ is a constant meaning "newlines"

It can be used when you want to break a sentence so that the next word starts in a new paragraph i.e new line. Something to know about \n is that it does not flush the output bufferBelow is an example of how you can use it while writing your code:

I hope this helps you

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Hi Rebecca,

The meaning of "/n" in C++ is a NewLine Character IE it causes the next lot of output to start on the next line down

 This applies to output to printer, or screen Example printf ("Some sort of string of chars /n/n A new line of Characters to print or display )

Will Display/print as follows

Some sort of string of chars

A new line of Characters to print or display

Syntax Print/Printf/( ...../n ...) or any function that send output to the screen or printing device

Can be used on its own or in conjunction with any printable or displayable data and as many time as required.


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Hi Rebecca,

TIn C++ the "/n" is the Newline or Carriage Return Character

When you output data and include the "/n" it instructs the cursor or printer to move to the beginning of the next line. You may download the sample code that attached below.

I hope this is helpful.

Eaan Rickchard