What is the meaning of Open Source?

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What is Open Source? 

I have Listen Many times that it is a Open Source OS or Software. 

Actually What is The Meaning of Open Source and What is Benefit for me to choose open source software on the place of Free software

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What is the meaning of Open Source?


The open source refers to a program where the source code is available to the general use for users to edit original design.

So open source is a new concept for new approach in software production.

Things being open source mean that they are developed by designers and the code is “open” for editing for everyone.  

Entire documentation “blueprints” and source materials are available for editing so that improvements can be made.

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What is the meaning of Open Source?


Dear Down,

Open source software is that for which you have the source code available.

If you have the source code and if you understand how to program then you can look inside the code to see how the software has been implemented. You are free to make changes yourself and even distribute your change to others.

Generally open source software are developed in a very open and collaborative way with a set of users behind it.

While open source means free, a free software may not necessarily be open source because not all developers of free software (freeware) give access to the source code.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.

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