How to make my computer to run really fast

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I'm just wondering what component makes a computer really fast; what are the things that needs to be taken into consideration in terms of major components of the computer; I mean, what is the exact component should be added or kind of tweaking must be done to make it run really fast.

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How to make my computer to run really fast


HI there,

In having a computer based on its speed. You must need a hi-end specs.

Hi-end are design to be fast and high quality standard of user, but this frequently cost a lot.

This quote will help you to have a fast PC.

Either mentioned below:

Processor: AMD Athlon or Phenom (3.0 GHz-3.2 GHz)

                      Intel (Core i3-i7)

Video Card: 1-2 GB (62bit-128bit)

Memory: 2-4 GB

This items are a true basis speculation that based on how fast your computer runs.

The bigger the No. The faster it could provide.


I hope this will help you decide on which is the best.


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How to make my computer to run really fast



Computer needs to have high quality of computer components, such as MB of Ram, Processor and computer hard drive. This ensures your computer ran fast and smooth. It is so good to have all these kind hardware installed in my computer. The specification standard has to be on high quality. If I have this,

I will be installing games, video and play online gaming. To have this kind of hardware specification gives me more control of my computer. It'll do the command in just 1 click because of the quality of this hardware.

Processor: 2.13 GHz Quad Core
Graphic Card: 1GB NVIDIA This display high quality of graphics
RAM: 12 GB DDR3-1333GHz SD RAM
Hard Drive: 320 GB 7200 RPM


These components are my best choice of computer specification. It is expensive in a way, compare to the lower specification of a computer but it the graphics looks terrific, a faster respond when doing a command.

Computer reboot fast and it is recommended for online games.

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How to make my computer to run really fast


Hello Parker.carl,

The major components that are required to enhance the computer's processing speed are the RAM, the processor and the hard disk. All these should be big enough for the computer to be fast enough.

For instance, for a computer that is used for basic functions like typing and saving files, it will be fast when running on the following system specifications:

  • Around 2 GB RAM capacity.
  • About 160 GB hard disk space.
  • About 2 GHz processor speed.

But for a computer that you intend to use for gaming and watching videos or any other memory intensive functions, you will need to have the following system specifications:

  • Around 6GB RAM capacity.
  • About 500 GB hard disk space.
  • About 4GHz processor speed.

You can upgrade your computer accordingly.

Mahesh Babu

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