What kind of RAM is best for my CPU?

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I was advised by a technician that I need to upgrade the RAM on my desktop. Can you please give me some tips on which kind of RAM is compatible with my CPU?

When I go to the store where I would buy the RAM, what specifications of my CPU would I need to tell them so they can tell me the kind of RAM that I need to buy for my CPU?

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What kind of RAM is best for my CPU?



To identify the compatible RAM for your desktop computer, you need to know the specification of your motherboard first. If you still have your computer box and manual given to you since you have purchased your computer, you can find what the compatible RAM for your motherboard was. If the manual is not already available for several reasons, you may check your computer manually. But if you don’t have any knowledge to check some chipsets and motherboard memory slots and others, you could not come up with the right specifications.

If you know what the memory or RAM looks like, you can dismantle the memory and read the label on the memory and that’s what you need. Or you may bring the memory on your nearest computer store and ask them to give you a higher memory than of what you have brought to them. Basically, memory sizes or capacity are written on the label of the memory.

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What kind of RAM is best for my CPU?


Dear Jaclynsmythe,

I am telling you some of system which chooses to anyone. I think you want to use upgrade system by the way.

  1. CPU dual core processor is now popular. There maximum 2 GB RAM and hard disk will be 350 GB or 500 GB Intel processor must be allowed. If you have it then try some of the absence thing.
  2. But Core i3/Core i5 also increasingly very popular. It requires to have 2 or 3 GB RAM hard disk must be 350 GB and original processor of Intel. This option will be very fast and easy to use.
  3. If you have Celeron system then try to based 1 GB RAM.
  4. Apple, MacPro and Dell whatever you like to read the RAM at least 2 GB. And this is the best to all faster system.

You can visit this link for RAM. Thanks.

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What kind of RAM is best for my CPU?


First of all you need to check which motherboard is installed in your PC, open your computer’s case and search for main chip of your computer's motherboard, where motherboard’s manufactures and model is usually written, note down complete model of motherboard. You can get information about your motherboard using CPU-Z software. It’s upon your preference now.

Then go for your motherboard’s specifications, you can find specifications on manufacturer’s official website or you can Google it. Check what kind of RAM memory does it support. Is it SDR, DDR, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 or whatever and further check for maximum BUS Frequency your motherboard can support for RAM.

It’s all you need to choose the best RAM for your computer. RAM memory depends on your usage, means what the requirement of RAM for the heaviest program you want to run on your computer. Usually 2 GB of RAM is enough for domestic use. Best of luck. 🙂

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What kind of RAM is best for my CPU?

Hello Dear,
It is not possible to help you increase the performance of your computer without knowing about your computer's specifications, but I want to tell you that a RAM which has a bus speed equal to your motherboard's bus speed will increase the performance of computer.
You can choose a lower one as well, but it can create problems.
Try the PC 2700 and PC 3300 RAMs for better results.

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