What to do when I forgot my BIOS password

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I am always a forgetful person.

I do have many accounts from different sites, and I'm having problem remembering my passwords.

My problem is that I have been locked out of an old computer because I forgot its BIOS password.

I feel so frustrated. Are there ways to retrieve this?

Is it possible to just bypass BIOS password?

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What to do when I forgot my BIOS password


Hi Jemaica,

If you had forgotten your BIOS password you can simply manually reset the BIOS to its default settings by following this guide.

To reset your BIOS to its default settings and remove the password, you just have to change the position of the BIOS jumper that is located on your motherboard. The location of the BIOS jumper varies depending on the manufacturer of your motherboard. After locating the BIOS jumper, simply switch the position of the jumper onto the next pin.

Here is an example of what the BIOS jumper may look like.

Common BIOS jumper label names are "CLR", "CLEAR", "PWD", CMOS, "PASSWD", "PSWD", "PWD".

There are other label names for your BIOS jumper but these are the most common.




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