What is Cloud computing and its uses?

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Hi! Please list down some of the important areas/situations where cloud computing is used. I have been hearing this term from quite a time now and to be honest I really have know idea what it is, so please tell me what it is, how and where is it used? Is it possible to perform cloud computing on a single computer?

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What is Cloud computing and its uses?


Hello, the simplest explanation of cloud is storing your files or application over the internet. Meaning where ever you are you can access your applications and files. A more logical explanation is- think of it as a "Cloud" – literally, that where ever you are it's always there. One good example of cloud computing are Google Mail and Yahoo Mail. These applications are running over the internet and not on your PC. You access through your browser only.

Here are some benefits of cloud:

1. If your laptop gets lost or stolen, you need not to worry about your files since it's all stored in the internet. You only need a new PC to access those.

2. Easier Maintenance since the one maintaining such system is a third-party.

3. Accessible anywhere and anytime as long as you have the right privileges.


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What is Cloud computing and its uses?


Cloud Computing is basically an internet based  computing technology which is formed by sharing computing resources.It enables different companies to consume the resources of compute as an utilility.There are three types of computing model-

1.Private Cloud Computing.

2.Public Cloud Computing &

3.Hybrid Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing can be used for..

1.File storage and sharing

2.Customer Relationship Management(CRM).

3.PaaS(Platform as a Service) for web applications.

4.File Backup.

5.Web site hosting 


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