What is the best ontrack data advisor available?

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Hi to everybody. First of, I would like to know what is the best ontrack data advisor available do you know. Can you give me its detailed overview and key features? Also, please include a step by step process on how to install this. I'll be looking forward for your answers.

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What is the best ontrack data advisor available?


Hi Ross,

Kroll ontrack data advisor is a powerful diagnostic  tool that is used to assess the condition of a computer. It checks the hard disk, memory and file structures. This is to identify potential data loss that solve it.

Key feature

1. System memory test

It checks and verifies system memory for errors.

2. Quick functional test

It always checks the hard disk for physical damages

3. File structure test

It verifies the file allocation tables

This software is easy to install. What you need to know are the system requirements. These are:

Intel 486 or higher processor.

16 MB minimum memory.

1.44 MB floppy disk drive.

IDE/ATA interface and SCSI drives.

Installed on FAT formatted partitions.


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