What Behind Apple Retina Display

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I was confused on the one feature of the Apple latest gadget the retina display matter.

What does it mean?

Will this Retina Display can provide a better picture effect or it has a relation to its application?

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What Behind Apple Retina Display



I can say that with retina display on 4 Generation of devices it makes more better screen display ever

You can see the difference between 3 Generation with new 4 Generation when you play games, take a Picture and so much more.

better screen display everretina display on 4 Generation

Here some improvement makes by Retina Display :

1. Displaying what you read, see, watch, and play hundreds of pixels better than the old version idevices screen display

2. iDevices screen become The sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen ever

3. Text books, web pages, and email is crisp at any size. Images in games, movies, and photos pop off the screen. And everything is sharper

4. Text and graphics look smooth and continuous at any size

5. Retina display offers four times the contrast ratio of previous displays, so whites are brighter, blacks are darker, and everything is more beautiful

6. The Retina display glass is chemically strengthened to be harder, more scratch resistant, and more durable than ever. The glass also features an oil-resistant coating that helps keep the screen clean

7. The Retina display includes LED backlighting and an ambient light sensor that intelligently adjusts the brightness of the screen for optimal viewing and battery life.

Apple engineers developing Retina Display pixels a mere 78 micrometers wide, and pack four times the number of pixels into the 3.5-inch (diagonal) screen found on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. The resulting pixel density 326 pixels per inch.

The Retina display uses technology called IPS (in-plane switching) the same technology used in the Apple LED Cinema Display and iPad to achieve a wider viewing angle than on typical LCDs. Which means you can hold iPhone almost any way you want and still get a brilliant picture. That’s perfect when you’re sharing photos with a friend or moving your iPhone around while playing a driving or flying game.

technology used in the Apple LED Cinema
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What Behind Apple Retina Display



Retina Display is a truly revolutionary thing. The Retina itself is creating a better picture with very high resolution and focus. The human eye cannot see the usual pixelation visible distance. Retina increases pixelation. For example, the newly announced iPhone 5 mobile phone is better presented Retina display with 326 pixels per inch.
Therefore, every game you play on the iPhone 5, you read every word, every picture you see and every application you love to look lively and steadily. There lies the answer to your dilemma. To remind you, the Retina display is on the iPhone 4/4S and iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 3/4th generation), MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15 ˝, MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13 ˝.
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