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I have problem with auto correct system in MS word so I need to know how to control it. what it works like.

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Auto correction is a great tool that first comes with MS word 6 still exists now to automatically correct your wrong word or wrong grammar structure.

Like normally when you start your sentence this tool automatically turn your first letter to capital latter it is wise, not to change any settings in auto correct tool because it is highly optimized in already for highest comfortable environment though you can control it, in new document write a wrong word and then press “F7” a new window will come click on “option” in the below then another window will come then click “auto correct option” in this new window you can modify what you want.

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Auto correct system is one of the advance feature that introduced by Microsoft. It will save lot of time and effort when using the MS office products. In the latest version of MS office it advanced and enhanced the capabilities.  

It was a system that corrects the misspelling that we type. It has memorized set of words that people are commonly misspells. We can also add and edit the words that it contains.

It also corrects other common mistakes that we do. For a example when we type an word in the beginning of the sentence in simple it will automatically correct it to Capital if it as the word

We can also add some symbolic letters to represent a long collection of word and use it as we want.

I found great article that explain how to work and control the Auto correct system

Thank you…