What are Zip Folders and How Do You Create Them?

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Went I go onto the internet to download files or applications, I sometimes come across zip folders which contain the application I am after. Usually, I do not know how to build the files so I tend to ignore zip folders in general and go for self-extracting files. I need someone to help me understand what handle zip folders are and why files are store in them?

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What are Zip Folders and How Do You Create Them?



Zip files are such files that can contain one or more files into one archive. In short, it makes file(s) into one file.

It’s easier to share zip files through internet because it doesn’t make any bit missing. Whenever you’re either uploading or copying files, your speed will definitely slow down. In such case, you can create a zip file which will contain all the files into one archive, acting as one file. It also compresses the files a little bit, so the total size is also minimalized. It gives you more flexibility working the file.

Zip files also can contain passwords which provides superb security. Its encryption method is advanced enough to break for any computer. Though breaking is possible, it’ll take year after year for even a super-fast PC! So, if you wish to share your files with security, you can use zip files. You won’t have to worry because even if the file’s stolen, no one’s able to open it.

There are many free, open-source applications that will build, read, extract zip files for you. You can use 7-zip, PeaZip, jZip etc. All these are free and user-friendly to guide you with any zip file(s).

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