What are the tips and tricks to learn HTML and PHP properly?

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HTML and PHP are very popular web page designing software. Actually, pupils find it difficult to learn these programming languages. What are the things to consider while learning any of the programming language? What should be done in order to understand the programming language easily and be an expert at developing programs using the language?

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What are the tips and tricks to learn HTML and PHP properly?


HTML and PHP are very popular programming language for web page designing.On beginning you find those languages difficult, but you don't be afraid.You can learn this language by using many different sources but from my point of view first you have to be courageous and patience.You have to be patient for learning these languages. You can join different courses for learning these languages or can see many tutorials from different sources. Most of all you have to practice these languages most because practice makes a man perfect. 

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What are the tips and tricks to learn HTML and PHP properly?


PHP and HTML are both used to create a website or a webpage and the easiest to learn of the 2 is the HTML because PHP is a lot more complicated. HTML only deals with tags to display different elements on the webpage. If you want to learn them on a step-by-step basis, you can learn them on books.

It will give you full knowledge about the web programming language as well as the advantages and disadvantages. But if you want to learn them from scratch or your own way like what I did, you can start by viewing the source code of a page when you visit a website.

You can view the source code or the outline of the page on how it was coded by pressing CTRL + U while viewing a webpage. You can study the outline, learn about the tags used, and if they can be used on any part of the page. Like the <p> and </p> tags, both are required to create a paragraph in a webpage.

Both tags need to be present for a paragraph to be valid. To display an image, use <img src=”” alt=””>. Put the URL of the image inside the quotation marks in “src”, like this: <img src=”http://www.techyv.com/logo.gif” alt=””>. You can leave “alt=””” as is or put a remark inside the quotations marks.

The remark can be a word or a description of the image. To insert a blank line in an HTML page, you can use <br />. It also acts as a carriage return or Enter key bringing the next line down when placed in between words or at the end of a line that is not terminated by </p>.

To learn more about HTML and PHP, you may visit w3schools.com.

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