What are those related products script?

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Hi guys,

What are those related products script?

I am using JavaScript for my animated banner for my products in my Adobe Flash CS5 application.

Can you share some important details to be considered about product scripting?

I hope the design of my products will turn out well.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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What are those related products script?


Hello Isabella,

First of all Adobe Flash uses Actionscript not Javascript.

ActionScript is like JavaScript, the construction of scripts are pretty similar, so learning JavaScript could be easy if you know how to hard code ActionScripts, they're similar because they both came EcmaScript. Other related scripts are jQuery and AJAX.

There's only one thing I can say about how to make your banner animation attractive. Make it unique but simple. It doesn't matter if you are using JavaScript, Ajax or jQuery or ActionScript code, Your user doesn't care about how you code it, it is how you represent it. Think yourself as a user and not just as a coder.

Hope this simple idea helps.

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