What are the steps to boost up a PC?

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My Desktop PC is running really slow these days. I'm unable to figure out the problem that is causing the PC to slow down desperately. What are things to consider while boosting a slow PC? Are there any software which can be used in order to boost up the system? Suggest me some software which don't require any payment.

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What are the steps to boost up a PC?

PC gets slowed down due to many reasons. First and most important is to make sure your system is sufficient hardware, they are working properly as well. System speed depends upon the processor and RAM. 
Other ways to boost up PC are mentioned here:
1) Clean your desktop, remove unwanted applications if your desktop is dotted with files. 
2) For error check, scan your system. In Window 7 we have facility to auto check our system for errors. 
3) Turn off unneeded desktop features, if you're using Windows 7 click on Start button, Control Panel, select System and Security and click on Advance System Setting. Go to Performance Option and check in the box 'Adjust for best performance'.
4) Perform Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragment after some days/weeks for better performance of your PC.
5) Uninstall unused programs, Go to control panel, uninstall a program and delete applications that are no longer needed. Removing programs will free up space on your computer.
6) Properly scan your computer for malware, spyware and adware by using anti-virus software.
7) Limit the number of files in each folder.
8) Empty the Recycle Bin,
9) Run 'Error check' on all drives by right clicking on the drive, in Properties, select Tools and 'Check now' 

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