How to install wireless lan card?

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Presently I am using a normal LAN card but just yesterday a pin broke, when I tried to input the cable jack inside it. So today I bought a wireless LAN card and I got a CD with it but don't know how to install the LAN card and software.

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How to install wireless lan card?



It is very easy to install wireless LAN card. Please open your computer with Administrator user.

Now attach your wireless LAN card with your computer and wait a mint. A popup will come that found new hardware. Now insert the installer CD into your CD/DVD ROM. which you got with the wireless LAN card. Click next and wait few mints. Now follow instruction which you see in your monitor.

After finish install your new hardware, restart your computer and connect this device with wireless router.

Hope you understand the procedure and do yourself.

Best Wishes.

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How to install wireless lan card?


The installation of Wireless LAN card needs a certain procedure to be followed.

All Wireless LAN card uses CD with driver to guide you for the installation. Insert the disc and this will give you instructions what to do next.

A step by step guide and you just need to read what's on the screen to understand what to do next.

Wireless LAN card will only work if you have a router installed as part of your networking device. This wireless router will broadcast wireless signal and your Wireless LAN card will pick up that wireless network and allow you to connect. Once connected, router will assign an IP Address and it will let you connect to the Internet.

  • Go to Start, Control Panel, Connect To.
  • It'll display the list of Wireless network detected or SSID.
  • Select your network name and click connect.
  • Type the encryption key or wep key and click connect.
  • The status will say connected if it's successful.
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How to install wireless lan card?



Simply install the optical drive and allow the disk to auto play. After installing the optical drive in the computer, shut down the computer to setup the hardware in the computer. Insert the wireless LAN PC to the Empty PC card slot located to the side of your computer. Make sure it is properly connected to the PC card slot of the wireless LAN PC. Then turn on your computer and go to the start menu and select the control panel. Double click the network connection icon.

After that right –click the wireless connection icon and select properties ; then click the wireless networking tab and click on the name of the network ; click configure. Double-click the wireless LAN PC card manufactures networking software ; create a shortcut in the desktop.

Now simply follow the instructions on the screen, to connect to the wireless network as can be choice and make sure you install properly to avoid errors or may be a problem. So always check your connection to the LAN card.

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How to install wireless lan card?


Hello Production,

To install the LAN card, you will need to open the inside of the system and then locate the old LAN card that just got messed up and then remove it. You will then replace it with the new one which should be able to fit well in that PCI slot hoping that you bought the right one for that computer model that you are using.

Once the card is installed you will then need to install the drivers. You will just search the drivers online, but then ensure that you state the system specifications clearly when searching the drivers so as to get the right drivers for that computer that you are using. You can also install then from the device manager as long as you have internet connection by right clicking on LAN drivers and then updating them online.


Mahesh Babu

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